The word astrology has derived from an early Latin word “astrologia” which the combination of two words namely “astron” which means star and “logia” which means study of anything, therefore the combination of these two words account for the study of pattern of star. The scientific term used for it is astronomia. The scientific studies consider astrology as a superstition./

It is the study of movement and the relative positioning of all the celestial bodies which have great influence on human life and this natural world. Astrology on a broader perspective is the search for the meaning of humanly life in the sky. Astrology is the study of the influence of different cosmic objects and their effect on human life which is usually done through studying the patter of stars, moons and planets.

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It is said that the positioning of the sun, the stars, moon, and celestial planets at the time of a person’s birth is said to shape the fortune, personality and other divination of a child. In astrology there are 12 constellations of zodiac signs. Which determine a person’s sun sign astrology, upon which the horoscopes in the newspaper and magazines are based?

Astrology can also be called as the sacred science known to the mankind. Astrologers generally believe that the movement and positioning of the heavenly bodies or celestial bodies either influence directly on the life on earth or corresponding activities of humans. Astrology helps in the interpretation of past and present events which leads to the accurate prediction of the future. The concept of astrology is categorized of metaphysics and age old theories and different cosmic energies and energy patterns for example – reiki, Aura, Feng shui, yoga etc. the stability on earth is maintained by its gravitational force hence forth the gravitational force of different planets have its own effect on the earth . The same force and effect is experienced by the people who live on earth. There are 12 zodiac signs each sign is constituted of any one element of the four basic elements of earth depicting different fundamental qualities these elements are: – EARTH, AIR, WATER, FIRE.

To get optimal readings and results. The astrologer’s check which planet was in which house at the time of birth. This information is then combines with the planets and signs along with other elements such as houses, angles, to form a very specific profile of a subject’s personality, their life, and other future prospects. There is no single theory of astrology it is a very vast subject. The any kind of astrological advice contacts the astrologer in Delhi.

Since the time of ancient civilization, astrology has been used to predict events related to human life. Likewise today astrology is widely used for professional readings, to understand oneself, to know in depth about matters related to business, physical and mental health, financial status, career, marriage etc. here astrologer in Delhi could help you seek all your answers .since one can clearly and completely understand the numerous aspects of their own life with the help of astrologer in delhi. They can lead a better, happier and a prosperous, successful life.


In India we follow Indian astrology which is also called as jyotisha which means heavenly body. The term jyotisha is used since the early 19th century. The vedanga jyotisha is one of the earliest texts on astronomy within the Vedas.

For divining information in this world there are thousands of ways for example sciences. We provide you with the best astrologers in Delhi for making highly accurate prediction. In both western and eastern culture, astrology has all ways made its way through a special place for its utmost perfection and accurate predictions. It deals with everything which involves prediction about people, events and life in a general manner. The personality is evolved, along with the professional front.

A positive and true indicator of a trustworthy astrologer is that they are well educated. They must possess the knowledge to calculate the celestial movements at the time of birth of a baby. They should be well versed with the concept of scientific awareness. The planet only govern an individual’s destiny.

There are two major divisions in the field of astrology primarily the person to person and secondary is the predictive divination. In the secondary branch of astrology or the predictive astrology the astrologer in Delhi would provide you with the basic, generalized suggestions which would be inclusive of future forecasts and fortune telling. In the field of primary astrology the true strength and the talent of the astrologers own spirit can be seen. In person – to – person astrology the birth chart or the natal chart plays a significant role. The characteristics, habits, personality, are defined in an emphatic manner. The sun sign changes daily with different activities, it remains unfixed and changes on the daily bases due to the changes in the energy levels, vibrations and an individual’s moods. The sun sign is always varies it is ubiquitous.

Our best astrologer in Delhi has comprehensive expertise in all the leavings of the star sign system. Here you will be able to seek the desired information about your future and your fate which is based on your birth cart or the natal chart which is formed under the influence of celestial planets, stars, the moon, and majorly the sun. The sun is the source of light and energy to the whole universe .we assure the customer with the most accurate information of the birth chart and their true personality. The prediction done by famous astrologers in Delhi are trustworthy and the fortune telling is in an insightful way. For exact prediction the persons accurate date , the exact time of birth the geographical location in which the birth took place all these information’s are accountable for the making of the natal chart , horoscope and future predictions related to the choice of profession , the financial situation , the family life etc are predicted.

If you are curious to know your future the go to the best astrologer in Delhi and fulfill your quest to know your fortune.