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Love relationships don’t necessarily have to be difficult, but we sure do a great job making them so. Here are some of the most common issues in relationships. There’s a reason this is the first issue listed. It is the most common of problems related to relationships. You will rarely find a person who’s very happy with themselves and their life having serious relationship problems. It’s to be expected. When you are unfulfilled as a person, you tend to look outside yourself for the culprit. And for most people, that’s their significant other.

We get hurt to try and make our spouses take notice and to get them to change. We get irritated with our children to make them move quicker. We get angry at the sales clerk so they’ll treat us with respect. We get angry at our employees to make them work faster. It’s all an attempt to get others to behave as we want or expect them to. Problems can creep in when we start to have thoughts of “do I love him more than he loves me?” We start examining all the things we do for our lover. All the ways we express our love and how much time and energy we’re putting into the relationship. Then we try to figure out if we’re getting “our fair share.” If we perceive a discrepancy in that balance sheet, we start to back away from the relationship. We don’t want to love more than they love fear being played for a fool.

A separation or separation dispatches us into the unknown region. A separation is exceedingly distressing, extraordinary event.Everything is disturbed When you’re experiencing the enthusiastic wringer and managing real life changes, it’s more critical than any time in recent memory to deal with yourself.Everyone is discouraged with adoration issues and wickedness spell that impact your life. The underhanded spell makes a few issues resemble love life, Love Marriage Are you stressed issues like Pandit Ji take care of your concern with help of vashikaran techniques.

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I am Saloni Gupta from Hyderabad, and I was facing very complex time in my love life since past few months. I was in relationship with a boy for a long time. My boyfriend was very loving and loyal, but I doubted him for his friendship with a girl. He got deeply hurt for my mistrust and left me. I was very guilty and wanted to get love back forever. 

Saloni Gupta



I fell short of words to praise the services of accomplished and benevolent astrologer Sonu Sharma Ji. I owe my happy marriage only to him. I was not able to get married for years, because of some Kundli dosh in my birth chart. My mother showed my Kundli to Astrologer Sonu Sharma Ji and asked him to provide the solution.

Babita Kumari