What is the Vashikaran ?

What is the Vashikaran ?

To subdue someone is called vashikaran || To control one’s heart or someone’s mind is a method of vachikaran || With this vashikaran you can control anybody’s heart or mind, and you can do any work or anything you like from it.

To do this or to do it, you will have to use Mantra, Yantra or Pooja, you can easily subdue anyone with it and dance can be performed on your signals.

First Vashikaran Mantra

“” Kaliyam Krishna Namah Namah “”

Chant this mantra 551 every day, and start this mantra only on Friday.

aran method to get your love-

(A) It should have 7 page addresses.

(B) Need a little bit of timber ||

(C) Need a little water ||

(D) Continue reading this mantra for 7 days on these seven pages.

(E) Put a little bit of sandur in the water next Friday ||

(F) Then from that verse, write that name of that person a leaf (which you have to subdue) ||

(G) and place the address of that leaf away from the head of your head 21 times in the clockwise direction ||

(H) Use this for 7 consecutive days ||

(I) And on the eighth day, in front of the person you have to control, you will get a mindful result.

Warning: –

(1) Start it on Friday only ||

(2) Read the mantra given above for the first 7 days at 551 times in seven pages.

(3) Do not eat fish, fish, and alcohol during this period ||

(4) Do not misty wrong woman or woman.

Second Vashikan Mantra –

If the enemy of you harms you or you want to do any of your enemies or you want to subdue such a person that you do not have any contact then at that time you can use the vachikaran or method given below.

“gyaanee na mapi chetaansi devee bhagavatee hinsa graha balaada krshy mohaay mahaamaaya parayakastee” .

Anyone who is knowledgeable or somebody who is sensitive by this mantra will come under your control.

Everything you need –

A black cloth
2 lemons,
1 white paper and a little vermillion.

Vase system to subdue your enemy.

(A) Shabana on Saturday morning to go to the temple of Kali Mama to go to the forehead.

(B) Then place a lemon on a deserted place, but write the name of that person (which you have to control) and write your name on the other lemon ||

(C) Name the person on white paper with 251 times the green pen;

(D) Then wrap that neat in that paper ||
(E) Read the mantra given above 251 times.

(F) Then release those nymphs from the paper.

(G) Then cut the juice on which the person’s name is written, and drink juice of it ||

(H) Next day paper and other nebula f

lowing into some running water ||

(I) Rise every morning for the next 11 days and chant this mantra 111 times ||


(1) Start this on Saturday only ||

(2) Keep in mind that you do not see anyone while you are doing this.

(3) Both nebulae should be of yellow only.

(4) Cut nibud from there where you have written the name ||

(5) Chant the mantra properly and correctly.

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